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Apr 30, 2009

Tangier Island Ferry Resumes from Onancock, VA

After a year's absence, ferry service from Onancock, VA to Tangier Island has resumed. Tangierman Mark Crockett has outfitted the Joyce Marie to take passengers to and from the tiny watermen's community 12 miles out in the Chesapeake Bay.

Read our article about a truly authentic adventure, the Tangier Watermen's Tour. On this unique trip visitor get to ride along with crews pulling crab pots, visit a crab shanty where they 'bust' into softshells, then head to a local restaurant to dine on the delicacy the island is famous for.

Consider a trip to this authentic island this summer. It really is like stepping back in time. Board in Onancock, a 1680 Colonial port on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Watch a video on kayaking around Tangier Island.

Apr 22, 2009

It's Earth Day! Travel Green in Virginia

I have to admit I'm just old enough to remember the first Earth Day 39 years ago! Inspired by television coverage of the huge public demonstrations against DDT and industrial pollution, my brother and I rode our bikes around the neighborhood picking up trash!

Thanks to that great public outcry there have been successes, like the return of the bald eagle and the osprey to the Chesapeake Bay. But we still have so far to go. Our bay waters we love to paddle are still imperiled by run-off and over-fishing (Frontline aired in-depth coverage on it just last night, and you can watch it online)

The problem seems daunting, but there are many easy fixes we can all make in our own lives that taken as a whole can make a difference: changing to CFL light bulbs, conserving water, using natural cleaning products, unplugging computers and other appliances at night, and ... TRAVELING GREEN!

Virginia's governor has declared April “Virginia Green Travel Month.” Celebrate with some human-powered recreation and visit green-certified lodgings, restaurants and attractions throughout the Old Dominion. Read our newly posted article for ideas.

Paddle on! (and don't forget to turn off the computer tonight!)

Mary & Bill

Apr 17, 2009

Kayak season begins on the Eastern Shore of Virginia!

In addition to being travel writers, the other hat we wear is that of kayak guides!

This will be our third season leading trips for SouthEast Expeditions from our home base of Onancock on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and we're looking forward to the best year ever.

Our trips are customized, personal, and 'on demand.' But tomorrow we're adding something new: a set 10 am tour of Historic Onancock Creek every Saturday through the end of summer. This way guests and visitors will always know when they can get a two-hour introduction to our quaint Colonial port by water-- clearly we think it's the best way to see it!

But our lovely creek is but one option on our growing itinerary of cool paddling places close by. We also do:
-a Kayak Winery Tour, includes a tour & tasting at an award-winning winery
-Saxis with a visit to a soft-shell crabbing shed
-the Great Machipongo River out of Quinby
-the marshes of Schooner Bay
-beach-combing and picnicing on a barrier island

Cost is $45 per person for 2-hour tours, $85 for half day, and $125 for full day. The boat, all gear, and instruction are included. Rentals are also available and we deliver!

To book your next adventure, you can call us direct at 757-787-2933 (home); 305-240-3298 (cell), or SouthEast's main number at 757-331-2680. Go to for more trips and details.

See you on the water!
Mary & Bill

Apr 2, 2009

"Car Camping for Everyone" book release

Our newest book just came out April 1 and is available on Amazon

"Car Camping for Everyone" is the result of years of trial-and-error, and months on end living out of our car! We're currently working on a Kayaking book in the same series, to be released next spring.

From the Back Cover
No more rummaging through a chaotically packed car and then frantically setting up camp in the dark—not with Knack Car Camping for Everyone, which distills the authors’ years of experience into an idea-packed, picture-driven guide. The first such reference created for visual learners, it gives you the tools you need to make car camping the pleasure it is meant to be. From choosing a sleeping bag and setting up a tent to overcoming challenges like weather, insects, and safety concerns, the answers are all here in this definitive one-volume camping idea book.

Inside you'll find:

460 color photos
What to bring * What not to
Packing * Tents * Sleeping Bags
Outdoor Comfort * Building a Fire
Menus & Meals * Fun * Games
Children * Pets * Safety * First Aid

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