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Feb 22, 2009

Presidential Paddle on the Potomac

Today is George's birthday! Celebrate by visiting his home at Mount Vernon, where the new 'George Washington and His Generals' exhibit just opened, or go paddling on his famous river, the Potomac.

Feb 16, 2009

Virginia oysters and muskrat

This weekend we partook of a true Virginia delicacy: oysters on the half shell. We like them raw with cocktail sauce. House of Deals is our unique hardware store in Onancock, where Miss Rosalie has them 50 for $13. They're from the 'seaside,' rather than the Chesapeake Bay, which means they're nice and salty.

I'm not as big a fan, but the muskrat is also in (2 for $7). Have you ever seen a place where you can get wallpaper, nails and fresh local eggs? House of Deals has it all!

Read more about our unique waterfront town, and if you think we're worthy, vote for us at Budget Travel Magazine's coolest small town contest.

Feb 9, 2009

First Eastern Shore paddle of the season!

Along with the first tree buds and the return of osprey to the Chesapeake Bay, a day spent paddling is one of the first signs of spring. It got into the 60s yesterday on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, so we tossed our kayaks on the car and headed to the wharf. Our friend Jim was there waiting and together we paddled out Onancock Creek for a beautiful afternoon.

The water was smooth as glass and we were the only boaters out there. All was quiet, save for all the birds! You see so many more in winter than summer: geese, mallards, great blue heron, mergansers, and a very surprised loon that popped up next to Jim's boat!

Canada Geese on Onancock Creek, VA

Later, we warmed up around a fire in the backyard. Good times. Go to to read more about paddling in Virginia.

Watch a video on paddling Tangier Island.

Feb 8, 2009 is launched! is a new destination site on outdoor adventures throughout the Old Dominion. We've literally written the book--or rather books--on the subject and we're sharing it here in words and photos.

Please post your impressions, and suggest trips you think others would enjoy: hiking, biking, paddling, wineries and great Virginia towns.

It's 55 degrees right now on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, supposed to get up to 63. We're goin' paddling on Onancock Creek! Will post when we get back.

Mary & Bill

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