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Oct 18, 2009

Five Fall Hikes to Inspire

A great hike can be more than a walk in the woods. These five Virginia hikes provide opportunities for clarity or contemplation—as you sit by a waterfall, watch the moon rise over the ocean, or bask in the rush of reaching a summit. For a dash of fun, we’ve included a haunted hike for Halloween!

1. The Haunted Hills of Bull Run

2. Run with wild ponies on Mount Rogers, Virginia’s tallest peak

3. Peaks of Otter: Just steps off the Blue Ridge Parkway

4. Overall Run, Shenandoah’s tallest waterfall

5. False Cape State Park: Beach hiking to a remote campsite.

For dozens more hikes in the Old Dominion, check out our award-winning guidebook Hiking Virginia.

Oct 6, 2009

Pet Getaway at Keswick Hall, Virginia

Even though she belongs to travel writers, our mutty-mutt rescued from the local shelter 3 years ago, doesn’t travel much. So she was quite confused when we pulled up to the circular drive of Keswick Hall in central Virginia and handed over the keys for valet parking.

Miss Coco (as in "Chanel") was even more sedate when we led her into the elegant lobby of the Tuscan-style mansion and the woman behind the desk exclaimed: "This must be Coco!"

On hearing her name, Coco's head cocked as if to inquire, “Do I know you? Do you have something for me? A treat perhaps?”

This elegant, sublime golf resort not only takes pets no matter their breeding, but welcomes them, embraces them, courts them, in fact, with a Pampered Pooch Package.

In our room a huge bowl of Milkbones, a plush pillow and matching bowls were waiting.

We posed her for photos on the private terrace with her ‘luggage,’ ordered from the Doggie Menu, delivered by room service, and gave her a rubber duck to play with.

But we know what a dog wants most is exercise, so only after a sunset spin around the golf course did Coco really settle in for the night, nestled on her special Keswick plaid pillow.

Read the complete story in November's special pet issue of Hampton Roads Magazine.

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